Español para chicos y grandes. Level 1, 2nd edition: Manual (Free audio download)


Grammar, written and listening exercises that accompany the Text Level 1.

ISBN 978-0-9822887-9-5

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product imageThe Spanish for Children and Parents, Grammar and Exercise Manual, Level 1, which accompanies the text, reinforces Spanish language acquisition with various kinds of exercises and activities. These include matching words, filling in blanks to complete dialogue, coloring, locating countries and cities on a map, crossword puzzles, and listening input.

Although the text contains units centered on grammar structures, the Manual has more consistent, albeit simple, explanations of basic rules, which help parents and older children understand the way the language works.

Included in the Manual are:
a) Listening exercises, always necessary to develop auditory comprehension and conversational Spanish, for practice together with the CD;

b) The Answer Key.  This feature is very important because it enables parents and children working in a Spanish home school setting to check their answers to each exercise.


PDF image Answer Key 2nd Edition (PDF document, 358 Kbytes)

Sample Lessons

Lesson 2 (PDF document, 297 Kbytes)

Lesson 19 (PDF document, 118 Kbytes)