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Specializing in English and Spanish Literature


There are so many ways of getting a book published today that what happens next will depend on the route you decide to take.

You will find in the publishing world a dizzying range of options, from no-frills companies who offer DIY tools for authors, to hybrid publishers who package a range of editing, design, marketing, and distribution services for writers to purchase upfront. Most publishers charge for their services; others help you assemble a team (editor, proofreader, production, and marketing) who work on a royalty-only basis. Ultimately, though, the writer does most of the legwork—and should manage the publishing process each step of the way.

Here is a brief summary of the pros and cons of the main three categories:

a) Traditional publishers do not require an investment from authors once their manuscript has been selected. Instead, they pay royalties of 10% on their retail prices, minus wholesale discounts. In general, writers find it difficult to get published due to market saturation. Little known writers usually wait six months or more for their responses, which generally consist of a rejection letter.

b) Self-published authors have total independence in terms of pricing and collect 100% of sales revenue. Reaching the market, however, becomes more difficult. Books that have not gone through a publisher's evaluation and selection are viewed with skepticism.

c) Hybrid publishing companies require a contribution to cover some initial publishing costs. But royalties are higher than those of traditional publishers.

All Bilingual Press is a hybrid publisher. The differences between our and other similar companies are several:

a)  Authors payment. Our agreements entail a minimal payment from the author – just a few hundred dollars rather than the usual few thousand. The price varies according to the length, type of book, and other aspects of production and marketing.

b)   Royalties:We offer a higher royalty to authors: 50% of net revenue. (Net revenue consists of the retail price, minus distributor fees and wholesale discounts). For example, books sold from our website will pay 50% royalty on the retail price. Books sold through other retailers will have a 50% royalty on the wholesale price.

Another advantage is that authors can purchase their books at printing cost.

c)   Quality:Finally, while some hybrid publishers are eager to accept any manuscript as long as the author pays what is requested, All Bilingual Press makes a strict selection based on manuscript quality. For that reason, our yearly publication list is short.

What we offer: collaborative editing, high-quality books with attractive covers, our logo on the back and spine, ISBNs, blurbs, marketing through press releases and social media, and worldwide listing in online catalogs consulted by bookstores and libraries.


If you are amenable to the above and have a manuscript ready for evaluation, please use the methods below to submit your project. We will assess it and provide you with a prompt response.