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ABP is the publisher of quality books in a variety of genres, from Spanish Language texts to works of fiction and nonfiction..


ABP is a bridge between cultures. As such, we publish works in diverse languages and in a variety of genres for all ages.


Our professional team offers text editing services in Spanish and English. Contact us today for more details.


The members of our professional team offer their long experience in translations in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Writing Workshops and Videos

To develop a writer’s talents, we provide group workshops or 1-on-1 coaching from beginning to completion of your literary project.

Best Selling Collections

Spanish for Young Children an Audio-Visual Course (ages 4 to 7)

Para Los Chiquitos

Spanish for Elementary - Middle School, Level 1 - Español Para Chicos y Grandes

Spanish for Elementary - Middle School, Level 1

An Interactive Spanish Course for Elementary and Middle Schools (Level 2)

Spanish for Elementary - Middle School, Level 2

Spanish for Middle - High School