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Spanish For Kids Textbooks


The ABP curriculum is in use by hundreds of public and private schools, language academies, homeschooling groups and in university programs such as the Gifted Children’s Program at Johns Hopkins University

Newest Arrivals

Español para chicos y grandes. Level 2 Textbook: Color Edition

Book front cover


Spanish for Young Children an Audio-Visual Course (ages 4 to 7)


Los Viajes de Rosa y Ernesto.
A Step by Step Spanish Reader, Manual and Audio Book
(10 and up)


An Interactive Spanish Course for Elementary and Middle Schools (Level 2)

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Hoopoe Collection of Teaching Stories Spanish and Bilingual Books and Audio Book*


Tarsiana: An Ancient Story, Bilingual Edition (10 and up)


About All Bilingual And The Author

All Bilingual Press was founded in 2005 by a family of Spanish teachers dedicated to the creation of effective Spanish lessons for children. Our goal is to make Spanish for kids as well as their parents and teachers effective and, through the use of humorous cartoon characters, fun as well. The exercises and well-thought-out sequencing of Spanish lessons have been tested in the classroom. In addition, ABP is committed to lightening the teacher or homeschooler load by providing curricular support, including testing materials.

Other Books By The Author