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ABP is the publisher of quality books in a variety of genres, from Spanish Language texts to works of fiction and nonfiction..

Our method encompasses textbooks, exercises manuals, audiobooks, poetry books, bilingual stories, graduated readers, comics, and teacher resources for all levels. It has been adopted by thousands of families and educational institutions including the Johns Hopkins University CTY program.


ABP is a bridge between cultures. As such, we publish works in diverse languages and in a variety of genres.

We open our doors to all writers with authentic voices and inspiring
themes, veteran or emerging, with or without agents, multilingual or
not, from diverse backgrounds, genres, and languages.


Our professional team offers text editing services in Spanish and English.

Through our team of editors, we want to pave the way for the publication of promising texts for all ages, whether in fiction or non-fiction in novels or short stories, in poetry or poetic prose, memories, travel, and academic essays. With this mission, we help the writer to develop a fruitful and vigorous language that crosses geographical, cultural, and psychological borders.


The members of our professional team offer their long experience in translations in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Translations from and to Spanish, English, and Portuguese are the ones available at the moment. See our team of professional translators.

Writing Workshops

To help writers develop their talents, we provide workshops in group as well as individual coaching from the beginning of a literary project until its completion.

Being our mission to promote quality among emerging writers, we will offer support in the form of creative writing workshops and personal interaction, with a view to developing literary talents.

English classes (individual) are open at any time.   Spanish workshops schedule (online , in group) varies according to needs.   These videos for creative writing in Spanish by Rita Wirkala will give an idea of the topics we develop

Newest Arrivals

Bobi y Cuqui

Mama's Little Bones and Other Stories

María Susana, a town in the Argentine Pampas, with a peculiar triangular form and railroad tracks dividing the Italian settlers from the gauchos and mestizos, is the setting for this collection of loosely autobiographical tales. Some comical, others serious, all reflective and charged with sharp insights into the lives and doings of various unforgettable characters. These stories from a distant land resonate in the human heart beyond geography, time, or culture.

This is the translation of Los huesitos de mama y otros relatos

Bobi y Cuqui

Huellas del Sufismo en el “Libro de Buen Amor del Arcipreste de Hita”

“Huellas del sufismo en el Libro de buen amor” es una edición corregida, actualizada y ampliada de la tesis doctoral de la autora argentina Rita Wirkala. Este estudio del Libro como obra mudéjar es el resultado de largos años de investigación sobre la vasta presencia de las escuelas sufíes en la España musulmana y el sello que dejaron en la literatura europea. 

House of Drifting Clouds

Poems and Ballads from the House of Drifting Clouds

Zhou Doubt & Debi Rivera

Doubt Zhou’s poems invoke universality. His poems have the character of ‘betweenness’—between certainty and uncertainty— and to read them is to listen in. His imagery, sharp and surprising, gestures to life’s mysteries. His songs are more in the minor than the major key. Some weep. All observe; and evoke.

Zahara y los libros de la luz


De Joyce Yarrow

En este thriller histórico que se desarrolla en una línea temporal doble, la periodista de Seattle Alienor Crespo busca reconectarse con sus raíces sefardíes y viaja a España con la intención de obtener la ciudadanía ofrecida a los descendientes de los judíos expulsados en 1492. 

Bobi y Cuqui


Bobi y Cuqui en español is a series of 42 cartoons depicting a Spanish-speaking canine duo. The series has been designed for instruction and entertainment for both native and non-native Spanish speakers. For children from heritage families, it’s an amusing way to sharpen the language. For non-native Spanish speakers of any age the stories are a fun, and funny, way to learn. At the bottom of each page is an English-language glossary. 

Bobi y Cuqui


Cinco entretenidos relatos basados en memorias de juventud de la autora durante la segunda mitad del siglo XX, escritos con emoción y realismo. Dotadas de humor, así como de serias reflexiones, estas historias son también el vehículo de una severa crítica social y desde una mirada feminista.

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