The ABP curriculum is in use around the United States, Canada and Australia by hundreds of public and private schools, language academies, homeschooling groups and even in university programs such as the Gifted Children’s Program at Johns Hopkins University.

The following are some comments from
teachers and parents using our materials:

Dareth Law, Teacher
The Boxberry School

Los Viajes de Rosa y Ernesto has been a great tool for a high school enrichment spanish class (this is with highly motivated students, who are seeking that little bit ‘more’). We are enjoying the story line, the incremental grammar and language use in each chapter, and especially the discussions that arise around the cultural and political issues affecting Rosa and Ernesto. We cannot wait until the nest book is out!

Los Viajes de Rosa y Ernesto is being used for a parent/middle school combination tutorial group and is the ‘just-right’ content for the group. The content is interesting for the age span, and the vocabulary and grammar keep the students ‘stretched’ . For this middle school students, additional support lessons are required to allow the students to benefit fully from the text. For this we have been referring to Español Para Chicos y Grandes, Level 2. The C.D. has been helpful for the parents (learning spanish later in life) to listen to between lessons. Thank you for this great teaching tool!

Español Para Chicos y Grandes, Level 1, is the text that is being used for beginning middle school students. It is well thought out in the way that the vocabulary and grammar are presented to the students, with pictures and music that entertain. The accompanying excercise manual supplements the text well. This has been a great ‘back-bone’ text for this group.

Español Para Chicos y Grandes, Level 1, is the text that is being used for revision for second and third year spanish students in middle school, before moving onto Level 2 later this year. The students have responded well to the structure of each lesson, and how one lesson builds onto the next. They are able to complete a lesson a week, with time for supplemental material. Thank you for these great teaching tools!

Español Para Chicos y Grandes, Level 1, is the perfect text for students who have already been exposed to spanish for at least a year, and are reading and writing, such as the multi-aged group from 8 to 10 in our school. They love the pictures, the songs/sayings and the worksheets! The accompanying excercise manual supplements the text very well. The students are ready to learn some grammar at this age, and the pace of the textbook is ideal. We have some very motivated learners, and this curriculum fits us perfectly.

Español Para los Chiquitos has been used with a K through 2nd Grade grouping. The very young (pre-writing/reading group) enjoy the pictures and songs, and are able to review the vocabulary while coloring and/or circling pictures. It has been a helpful tool especially so the parents can review vocabulary at home. The group that can read and write have thoroughly enjoyed the workbook, and are eager participants when it comes to any activities involving writing in spanish. This has been a great adjunct to the spanish curriculum in our school. Thank you.

Araceli Burger, Parent
Escondido, CA

Homeschooling parents and teachers, if you think you cannot add a language program to your busy schedules, think again.  Spanish I by All Bilingual Press has managed to create a Spanish program that teaches the language in small increments so that the student does not feel overwhelmed.  With the help of the CD, non-Spanish speaking teachers can teach with confidence.  The program will give your student a good start to learning this rich language.

Laura Torres, Teacher

Fun Languages Academy, and after class programs in Little Wood School, Oak Hall School and Hidden Oak school, FL

I work with the book Espñol para los chiquitos for 4 to 7 year olds.

My experience with the book has been very positive, and it is very well presented: graphics, colors, a spiral-bound volume etc. It has been of great help, with activities titles in English and Spanish.

My students have very much enjoyed the book and the CD.

In truth, I think that it is the best Spanish book I have worked with.

Elina Sanchez, Teacher

Lowell Elementary for advanced children and TOPS (Seattle, WA)

I’ve been using this book for the past 5 years at several elementary schools. It’s a great tool to have when teaching Spanish to kids. It introduces the language in a very natural way, by using group activities and simple written exercises. It also makes them sing fun Spanish songs. Kids love the illustrations also. This book makes learning Spanish fun for kids, which is key to keeping them interested in the language. I haven’t been able to find any other Spanish textbook for kids that is this good. I’m currently using it at Lowell Elementary, and TOPS (both in the Seattle area).

Margarita Rivera, Teacher
West Side Highschool, NY

The All Bilingual Press Spanish books for children are great!!! They have reached all my students with every level of classroom activities.

Los viajes de Rosa y Ernesto was a fantastic leaning tool for my students that were fluent and especially fun for those that were not.

Jennifer Rubalcava, Teacher
The Spanish Academy. North Bend, WA

I like Espanol para chicos y grandes very much. I have both the textbook and grammar exercises and like them both. It is really well designed and perfect for the age groups that I teach (4 yrs. old – 3rd grade).  I haven’t found too many other materials that I like for this age group especially because our program is immersion, but All Bilingual Press books are really great.

Linda Seeley- Parent
Little Elm, TX

I have studied French for 7 years and Spanish for 3 and am now teaching my children both.  I love ABP program.  It is very easy to use and understand.  My children are doing very well and it is also good for me to brush up on a few skills.  We currently are using “Los viajes de Rosa y Ernesto”, which is not only a wonderful story for any age, but has very useful grammar and conjugation tips.  I am also using “Español para chicos y grandes” Level 1, both the Grammar Manual and Course Manual.  Both are excellent.

I look forward to using the Level 2 materials and I only wish with all the course material out there, that the same type of course was available in French.  For the price of your course, you can’t beat it!

Robin Beaton- Teacher
Hanalani Schools, Mililani, HI

I chose Español para chicos y grandes-Level 1 as the main text for our middle school Spanish Language and Culture semester course because of the age-appropriate lessons and masterful manner in which the material is presented.  Students were drawn to the colorful cartoons and the opportunity to “practicar” the Spanish they learned with their classmates.  It was exciting to see the implementation of a very effective storytelling teaching method (TPRS) in “Un día en la vida de Arturo y Bobi. “ I look forward to utilizing more curricula through All Bilingual Press in the future.

Sunset Immersion School – Parent

Bellevue, WA

We love the content, which is based on real life experiences with indigenous people. Written in a manner that makes the reader identify with the lives of Rosa and Ernesto.

Peter Austin, parent

My son Jack has been using the Español para chicos y grandes (starting with Level 1, and now well into Level 2), for about 6 months, through the Johns Hopkins CTY teaching program for kids. His progress through conversational and written Spanish has been amazing.

Jack understands, and can make himself understood, in everyday conversations with Spanish speaking people in our area. He can order at Subway, and joke around with the staff, all in what apparently is pretty good Spanish. He talks with several of our acquaintances who speak Spanish, and reads Spanish notices and papers.

Most importantly, he loves the trip of learning to speak and write Spanish. Thank you, Rita!

Karen M. Townsend, Teacher


I use Español para los chiquitos as the primary curriculum for a classroom of 6-11 year-olds. Overall, I’m very happy with it. I found the curriculum very appropriate and well-balanced with a focus on getting children to communicate in the target language. I especially appreciated the Teacher’s Guide and the Activity Book, which included pictures of most of the vocabulary presented. This was very helpful; I used them to create flashcards, bingo cards and enlarged them/laminated them and attached craft sticks to them for a a low-cost way to present the vocabulary in class.