Español para los chiquitos, Textbook only (Free audio download)


Fun, colorful textbook and two CDs. Ideal for children who do not yet read. For use by K-1 school teachers or parents.

ISBN 0-9745032-2-3

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CD 1 Unit 2 MP3CD 2 Unit 8 MP3CD 1 Unit 3 MP3CD 2 Unit 9 MP3CD 1 Unit 4 MP3CD 2 Unit 10 MP3CD 1 Unit 5 MP3CD 2 Unit 12 MP3CD 1 Unit 6 MP3CD 2 Unit 12 MP3

CD 1 CD 2
CD 1 Unit 1 MP3 CD 2 Unit 7 MP3
CD 2 La casita del hornero MP3
CD 2 Con el cuchillo MP3
CD 2 Me gusta ir en moto MP3
CD 2 Voy siempre a la escuela MP3
CD 2 Corre que corre MP3
CD 2 Sobre el Puente de Aviῆón MP3
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The text has a brief explanation of Spanish conjugation to help parents understand verb usage.

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Sample Lesson

SAMPLE (PDF document, 33Kbytes)

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Espanol para los chiquitos

Spanish for Young Children An Audio-Visual Course for ages 4 to 7 Spanish Pre-School Curriculum Spanish for Home School Textbook

55 pages, full color – 12 Spanish lessons for kids

The Spanish for Young Children text features illustrated words, sentences and expressions common to a child’s daily vocabulary. The objective is to teach not only numbers, colors and animals, but to introduce a rich vocabulary in context, including relevant phrases for the target ages. Spanish for Young Children can be used either in the home school setting, with the help of the audio CD, or in the classroom. This method is easily adaptable for multi-level classes in which kindergarteners and first graders learn Spanish alongside older children. The activities based on the text match the corresponding illustration with spoken words, drawings, coloring, and speaking in the form of dialog or questions and answers prompted by the Spanish audio-based lessons. Vocabulary words also appear in printed form next to the drawings for students who can read and as a guide for non-Spanish-speaking parents. Written exercises are also included so children who are ready can start practicing and developing writing skills.

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