Español para los chiquitos, Parent-Teacher Guide


Spanish for Young Children, An Audio Course for Ages 4 to 7.

This guide accompanies the textbook “Espanol para los chiquitos.” It contains the lesson plans for the teacher, a variety of activities for each lesson, the lyrics of the songs from the CDs, an appendix with activities for all occasions, and a Spanish-English glossary.

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Spanish for Young Children
An Audio-Visual Course for ages 4 to 7

Spanish Pre-School Curriculum Spanish for Home School

Parent-Teacher Guide

64 pages, 12 lesson plans

The Spanish for Young Children, Parent/Teacher Guide
is a tool to help parents and teachers teach Spanish to children. It explains how to use all the components of the method, and lays out the lesson plans. It first suggests how to present new vocabulary, based on the book’s illustration and CDs (see The Children’s text below). Next, it offers a variety of activities such as games, drawing projects, TPR exercises, role playing, rhymes, songs, and other devices to reinforce the vocabulary, including first Spanish verbs and simple grammar presented in the children’s text. When explaining the activities, this Guide uses the classroom as a setting, but the lessons are easily adaptable to the home as well.

Listening, speaking and writing in Spanish, as well as drawing and coloring, alternate with physical activity to maintain the attention of younger students.

Several activities require the use of Bingo cards and flash cards This material can be prepared by the children themselves, using their Spanish for Young Children Activity Book.

The Parent/Teacher Guide has an Appendix with games and activities for all occasions, and includes a glossary for parents.

Sample LessonLesson 5 (PDF document, 33Kbytes)


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