The Encounter – English


English edition of “El encuentro”. This action and romance-packed novel is based on the reader “Los viajes de Rosa y Ernesto”.
By Rita Wirkala

ISBN 978-0989257985



The Encounter, Second place in the 3rd edition of Books into Movies Award

This is the English edition of El Encuentro (Pearson Ed., Madrid 2011.)
The Encounter weaves a story of adventure, romance, immigration and the social realities of Latin America, beginning with the infamous dumping of toxic waste into the pristine Amazonian jungles of Ecuador by the Texaco oil company. While describing the origins of this crime, The Encounter is also the story of two teenagers in search for cultural and individual identity.

Ernesto is a 17-year-old adoptee who travels south in search of his biological family. Rosa, 15, sets out to reunite with her mother, an undocumented farm worker in Oregon. She braves a perilous ocean voyage from Ecuador to Guatemala and the The Beast (the immigrant’s dangerous train) through Mexico to the United States. The plot is based on the real-life events of immigrants and travellers. The reading level is 16-year-old and above. For literary reviews, visit: