Español para chicos y grandes. Level 2: Textbook B&W edition


Spanish text for elementary and middle schools, Level 2
125 pages. Black and white.

ISBN 978-0-9822887-0-2


Spanish for Children and Parents, Level 2, is the continuation of Spanish for Children and Parents, Level 1. Beginning with a review of regular verbs in the present tense as well as some previously-studied irregular verbs, it proceeds to introduce more grammar. The emphasis in Level 2 is on Spanish irregular verbs, object pronouns, reflexive forms, command forms, preterit and imperfect tenses, and a rich new vocabulary.
We have included a cultural note on Spanish speaking countries at the end of each chapter.  This gives students information about each region. Special attention is given to environmental issues.

The Spanish for Children and Parents, Level 2 Textbook, is also accompanied by a Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises Manual and CD focusing on written, auditory and oral practice in order to begin writing, understanding and speaking Spanish.

The book, which continues the previous format, features amusing new as well as previous cartoon characters.