Espanol Para Chicos y Grandes Level 1 Audio CDs

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Español Para Chicos y Grandes
Second Edition

An Interactive Spanish course for Children and Parents,
Level 1 Elementary,
Middle School and Home School Spanish curriculum

Audio CDs

The importance of the auditory input for Spanish language learning cannot be overstated. In order to acquire fluency, students need to listen to the way the target language sounds, its inflexions, and the way native speakers blend words together.

The Spanish Audio CDs (2 for the text and 1 for the Grammar and Exercises Manual) are, therefore, an indispensable part of our method.

Most exercises in the Text and the Manual have an answer key, either in a written form or in the CD itself. Students are encouraged to finish the exercises on their own. Then they check their answers, if needed. Students, children as well as adults, should not neglect the CDs, because it is an important tool for really learning Spanish!