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A Word to Parents and Teachers

Español para chicos y grandes
An Interactive Spanish course for Children and Parents
Level 1 Elementary
Middle School and Home School Spanish curriculum

A Word to Parents

These Spanish lessons for children have been prepared with the objective of making the study of Spanish a careful, guided learning experience, whether at school under the expert guidance of a teacher, or at home as a fun and instructional activity for parents as well as their children. If at school, children will interact with their classmates following the pattern set by their instructor. If at home, children and parents can learn new words together and perform the dialogues and exercises in Spanish by following the pronunciation and intonation heard on the accompanying CD.

Learning Spanish, or learning any foreign language, offers a unique opportunity for cooperative endeavor between children and adults. The nature of language learning is such that it is one of the few experiences where chicos y grandes (kids and adults) can learn together at the same pace, and where adults may again feel like children.

This Spanish course goes step by step through the basic vocabulary, sentences and expressions needed in everyday life. In addition to charming illustrations that add graphic expression and a nice dose of amusement to the lexicon, this book features English translations whenever necessary. It also has a workbook for reinforcing each lesson, both written and auditory.

The text gives students a first glimpse into indigenous cultures that also form an important part of the Spanish speaking world. In summary, this adult-child Spanish learning experience will enrich the lives of parents and children in an unforgettable way.

A Word to Teachers

Our Spanish curriculum for children was designed to fill the hitherto unmet need for a basic Spanish course that can simultaneously help teachers in the classroom and homeschooling parents teach Spanish to children. Our Interactive Spanish Course for Children and Parents has been tested in several elementary schools in our area by experienced instructors. After a year of adjustment, Español para Chicos y grandes has proven itself an extremely useful tool that saves teachers much time otherwise spent in preparatory work of Spanish lesson plans.

All vocabulary and sentences that make up each of the Spanish lessons are drawn from a child’s everyday life. Students begin using verb conjugations early on. These are presented in exercises designed for interactive practice. Lengthy grammatical explanations are avoided.

The Interactive Spanish Course for Children and Parents and Grammar and Exercise Manual, which closely following the lesson sequence, contains more grammar and gives students the chance to reinforce knowledge at home. An audio CD, containing pronunciation, dialogues, songs and listening exercises helps students perfect the native accent and intonation of the Spanish language.

We hope that teachers will find this Spanish for beginner’s material a useful teaching resource and an easy to follow method to teach Spanish to kids. It will keep students interested in the subject and eager to learn more.

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